Go “Whole Hog” At Your Next Marina Party

Published online: Jun 12, 2014 Industry

La Caja China (pronounced “la ca-ha chee-na”), the increasingly popular above-ground roaster used by resorts and caterers around the world, is now available for home or marina use. This unique roaster is perfect for fish, poultry, virtually any cut of meat, or whole animals. Three consumer models range in capacity from a 14-pound turkey to a 100-pound pig and are ideal for any size group, from a small family gathering to an entire dock party.

The “magic box,” as it is known to its fans, allows even an inexperienced cook to produce juicy, delicious, whole roasted animals without the hassle of traditional pit cooking that involves digging a hole, lining it with block, adding charcoal and meat, and then watching closely to ensure that the meat doesn’t dry out as dripping evaporate on the hot coals. La Caja China eliminates the fuss and ensures perfect results every time with easy-to-follow instructions.  

The small Model 3 is $259.99, the medium Model 1 is $319.99 and the large Model 2 is $349.99. (www.lacajachina.com)