Stay Electrically Stable with these Cables

Published online: Sep 07, 2017 Product

Electricity and water don’t have the greatest track record of getting along, which is why
electrical safety onboard your houseboat is serious business. That’s why Hubbell
Marine’s 30A cable sets are so beneficial. These sets show, with a bright green LED
indicator, when shore power connections are on. The cable sets also include arrows on
the cable terminals to indicate locked/unlocked positions and provide easy alignment of
the grounded prong. Their solid PVC material covering ensures superior waterproofing,
and they’re also conveniently lightweight and flexible. Integral strain relief bull rings
alleviate conductor stress caused by waves, boat wakes or tides and the
copper crimp barrel terminations provide protection against internal overheating and
burnout, and provide tighter connections, better conductivity and longer life. Sets are
available in yellow or white and in different lengths.