• Mermaid Sighting!

    Mermaid Tami has been making a splash in the Mansfield, Ohio, area for the past four years.

  • In Search of Silence

    "Thanks to Wahweap Marina, I felt some of that regenerative golden energy as I experienced some of the secrets that Lake Powell offers."

  • SPLASH: It’s ALL About Family

    Shelly and Keith Bolyard recently splashed their new Harbor Cottage houseboat in Lake Ouachita, Ark., and they couldn’t be more excited to experience their new vacation home with their kids and grandkids.

  • How Sweet the Sound

    What to name the houseboat that will be your home? Stop! Think! Before the artist arrives with the golden leaf, put that name through some serious sea trials.

  • Plywood Deck Thickness

    Check out this recent Houseboat forum exchange about plywood deck thickness, and don't forget to hop on the forum to share your own experiences.

  • What’s Your Super Power?

    While Doug Bagby would freely admit he’s no super hero, his latest boat purchase might suggest differently.

  • The Dockwind

    Docking a houseboat can be tricky, especially in windy conditions. Here’s Ted Thompson’s take on the whole ordeal.

  • News

    Coast Guard Authorization Act

    Engine cutoff switch requirement and 5-year vessel documentation is now included in the passage of the Coast Guard Authorization Act.

  • News

    Ethanol Misfueling Danger

    A new website with photos of gas station pumps clearly shows the challenges boaters face with poor ethanol warning labels at the pump, resulting in a greater risk of misfueling.

  • News

    FUSION’s Wireless Stereo Remote

    FUSION recently announced the release of the ARX70 ANT Wireless Stereo Remote.

  • News

    BoatUS’s Annual Debate on Boating Issues

    BoatUS leaders and staff gathered last week along with guests to discuss key issues impacting recreational boating, including the changing boat-ownership model and shifting boater demographics.

  • News

    The Gift of a Safe Trip Home

    Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has three holiday gift ideas that are perfect for any boater, houseboater, sailor or angler.

  • News

    The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway

    The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), the 1,100-plus-mile coastal waterway stretching from Norfolk, Virginia, to Miami, Florida, is improving.

  • News

    Sleepless in Alameda

    Tom Hanks’ old houseboat recently hit the market and it’s absolutely reminiscent of Sleepless in Seattle.

  • News

    DuraSafe’s Keyed-Alike Capability

    Keep your houseboat safe with DuraSafe! Their Keyed-Alike Capability grants you specialty locks custom built to work with the same key, eliminating the need for multiple keys.

  • News

    Marine Fuel System Treatment Released

    The new Techron® Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment is now available following extended development and testing. And it’s just in time for the winterizing season.

  • News

    Easy Cleaning For Your Hull

    With the new Davis Scrubbis Underwater Hull Cleaning Kit from Davis Instruments, one person can easily remove algae, marine life and waterline scum from almost any houseboat while standing on the dock or deck, or even seated in a dinghy.

  • News

    SmartPlug’s 50A SUPERFLEX

    SmartPlug Systems' innovative SUPERFLEX50 50A 125/250V Cordset lays out and coils with absolute ease, no matter the temperature.

  • News

    Clean Air Act Waiver Reaction

    The Boat Owners Association of The United States reacted negatively to the recent news of the Administration’s plan to permit the sale of E15 fuel year-round.

  • News

    Brunswick's New Boat Club Business

    Brunswick Corp. has launched a new Boating Services Network.

  • News

    Garmin Awarded Top Honors

    National Marine Electronics names Garmin as the 2018 Manufacturer and Technology of the Year!

  • News

    Best Green Product

    Elco’s EP-50 Electric Outboard Motor won the Best Green Product at Newport Boat Show!

  • News

    Keep the Water Hot

    Raritan's 1700 Series Water Heater's proven design combines extreme efficiency with a compact size, and it's glass-lined for a long, corrosion-free service life providing clean, fresh water.

  • Boat A Home Video

    Check out this awesome video of the Boat A Home Escape II. Looks pretty fun!

  • Good Samaritans

    We know there are times out on the waterways when a fellow mariner needs help fairly quickly. If you do take on the task, act reasonably and don’t put your vessel or yourself or guests at risk.

  • Food Safety in the Shipshape Galley

    In these days of more and stronger microbes, food safety in the galley is more important than ever before. Check out these tips for food safety!

  • If Wishes were Fishes

    "As most of us learned when we were very young, when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. I am a thoughtful, giving guy, so I thought I would give folks some ideas of what I’d like for Christmas, boatwise." -Ted A. Thompson

  • InReach Mini Marine Bundle

    Garmin International announced the inReach Mini Marine Bundle, a new addition to its popular line of satellite communicators with available two-way messaging, basic navigation and a 24/7 SOS function via the global Iridium® network1.

  • Benefits of Thrusters

    Bow or stern thrusters enable greater flexibility of movement, which can be hugely helpful when maneuvering a tall houseboat with a shallow draft against a busy dock or in close quarters.

  • Belaying Pins: A Sailing Tradition

    I am constantly trying to upgrade my trailerable houseboat, “Ki Ki Too.” One day as I was surveying the USS Fitzgerald (DDG62) I happened to be around her flag-box and I noticed this Navy Destroyer had “Belaying Pins.”

  • Nautical Aptitude Quiz

    Are you cut out to be the captain of a boat? Spend a few minutes to reveal your true Nautical Leadership Quotient.

  • Back Deck Recipe:Winter Wonderland

    Experience a winter wonderland with these delicious recipes!