View Full Version : houseboat transportation

david hanley
08-24-2012, 09:34 AM
have 1968 gibson with 14' beam. need to move from st louis to either new orleans or ft mers, fl. any thoughts

08-24-2012, 09:53 AM
Have you considered the ultimate houseboat trip to get it there yourself? What a marvelous trip that would be. Down the Mississippi to the Tenn-Tom, then turn right out of Mobile Bay onto the Gulf ICW to NO. It's longer, but perhaps less daunting than the lower Miss, with good places to stop, get fuel, find a decent meal.

08-25-2012, 07:33 AM
If it has a motor on it, put it in the water and head downriver.

08-25-2012, 08:42 AM
If you have a lot of time, experience, money, and the need for a loooooong trip, go by water.

If you want to GET HER DONE go by road. Either way, the move may exceed the value of a 1968 boat.

Might be better to sell the boat and buy another in the destination area.

08-25-2012, 06:01 PM
Yeah +1 on the buy local option

Either move it by water or sell it and get something nearby your destination for a boat that old.