My wife and I have determined we need a runabout in order to run back and forth to the dock when the HB is anchored out in order to bring friends and family aboard. This presents a lot of unknowns for us and Iím curious to have everyone elseís feedback on this issue.

How do we get both boats out to the anchor spot? Do we tie the runabout to the side of the houseboat? Do we drag it behind? Will this create a maneuvering issue for the HB?

How do we get both boats back to the dock? Our HB is not on the end of the dock, so I must be able to pull the HB into the slip and canít do this with the runabout tied to the side.

My neighbor had a boat lift custom built for his HB so he can load his 15.5í SeaDoo jet boat onto the back and doesnít need to tie it up to the side any more. Problem is, 7í of the SeaDoo boat is hanging off the back of his HB. Iím no physics expert, but 7í of boat is a lot of weight to just be hanging off the back of a HB. If I bought the same boat and they made the same lift for my HB, it would hang 8' off the back of mine.....