I understand the concern, as floods can be devastating to people who live in low-lying areas and on river banks. But as Cap'n Morgan points out, tongue only slightly in cheek, boat handle high water very well. We watched Hurricane Isabel's fury from our waterfront home some years back. The neighbor's 36' sailboat weathered the direct hit of the Cat-II+ storm just fine. Not a bit of damage. His brick house right behind it, and all the other houses to its right and left, were total losses. We watched waves crashing into second-floor windows, but that sailboat just rocked and pitched, just as it was designed to do.You might want to have a good protected 'hurricane hole' in mind, like a small, sheltered creek, and some extra stout lines, in case really poor weather threatens, because with high-enough sustained winds, stuff tends to fly around at marinas, including poorly-secured boats!