I know we have discussed this a bit on the old forum, but want to bring it up again because now I'm thinking about making the change.......and we could use a new topic or two hear. We're to the point we hate leaving the boat Sun night and spend all week looking forward to getting back. We try to sneak away Thurs evening when possible. She is off Fridays and I'm self employed, as long as I have phone and email I'm good. So here we are.
We are thinking about a larger aluminum boat, currently looking at a Jamestowner 16 x 67 and a Horizon 17 x 87. I have to say I'm a bit worried about whether we can even heat these things in the Indiana Winter. Although if it's like last year, no worries. We currently have 3 live aboard's in the marina, all in fiberglass boats. I believe I already have water and sewage issues handled, but would certainly appreciate any and all other thoughts, advice, considerations, etc.