Speaking to some of the seasoned boaters on my dock, they've only seen the lake freeze 1 time before in the last 20 or so years. With this cold snap, Percy Priest is frozen over. Everyone's boat is still in the water. Marina cut off the water supply, but thankfully the electric has been going strong. I've checked on my boat every day for the past 4 days and the Marine Airrr is keeping it's 55 degree setting just fine. My water exhausts between my pontoons, which is oddly keeping the water from freezing completely around my boat. My outboards are surrounded by ice and the exterior size of the pontoons are also surrounded.

I called Sailabration and he told me the boat should be fine as long as the ice doesn't get too thick. He said he'd be more concerned about the pontoons than the outboard. At any rate, the temp will be up in the mid 50s this weekend, so I'll fire the engines up and find out if there is any damage.

If there is damage, I'm praying it would be covered by insurance.