We are considering a 1972 Burns Craft 45'.
The seller has completely rebuilt both motors, gen-set, new wiring/fixtures/appliances/plumbing/tanks, replaced wood in roof, re-glassed, gel coated, entire outside of boat was sanded and exterior painted,(2-coats) & hull paint. All the rails were redone too plus much more. (all done by an experienced boat re-builder)
It looks very impressive and well done.(fit and finish) Dare I say it looks like new?

I understand that Burns Craft was one of the better builders back then, that is why I am considering this one.

My question is,
Should I consider buying a fiberglass boat that is this old?
What problems other than insurance wanting a survey or inspection should/could I expect?

We do intend to keep it for at least the next 7-10 years.