My outboards’ fuel lines are now 9 years old and look pretty weathered. The last 3’ of hose is pretty much exposed to the elements year round as it’s run across the top of the pontoons' enroute to the engines. Toward the end of the summer, I squeezed one of the fuel primer bulbs and heard some crackling noises, so I’ve left them alone since – I’ve never needed to use the primer bulbs anyway. Since I have Honda 4 strokers, I checked into Honda’s fuel lines and [good God!!] they want ~$70 for a 7’ section with a primer bulb.

Are there any alternative products, like automotive or general USCG approved products I could buy by the foot instead of a preassembled kit by Honda / Yamaha / Mercury? I need about 9’ per side of ¼” ID. I can buy this stuff all day long at any auto parts store. What’s the difference between auto and marine….I’m betting there are.

Additionally, I bought and will install some fuel water separators, as my boat didn’t come with them to begin with. I was told that Honda now mandates these are installed in any new boats or the warranties are voided. Back in ’05, when my boat was built, this wasn’t commonplace.