I only have ~140 gallons of fresh water onboard when I leave the dock, not counting the hot water heater. I have run out of water while anchored over a long weekend and even when the dock's water lines were down on occasion.

This has me thinking about ripping out my holding tank and installing a fresh water purfication system on the boat to ensure I'm never without fresh water again.

Does anyone have one of these systems onboard? Please tell me about your make / model and your experience with it. What's the operating costs of these systems?

I've looked at The Water Fixer, which is a site sponsor, but they have no installed pictures of the system anywhere on their site. I'm not sure of the clearances and if my boat affords them. What's more, the maintenance costs look pretty costly! The filters don't bother me too much, but replacing the light every 2 years will run $300!