While investigating the prospects of changing out the anodes on my trim tabs I got a pretty decent electrical shock when I touched my starboard trim tab. I knew I was lucky it wasn't worse and I am also very pissed. We could only get the current to stop when we unplugged both shore power cables. Turning off the 120V breakers one by one didn't stop it. So I am looking at the actually shore power switch. When looking at it, there were about 9 different cables connected to it. I have 2 30amp connections and the generator. That seems to be a few too many cables to me. I am going to track them all down tomorrow morning and figure out where they all go. I did find that the one shore power had its ground running straight into the 120V panel's neutral block. I moved that so it went into the galvonic isolator, but it is still leaking.

1 step forward 10 steps back.