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Thread: Prop Size

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    Prop Size

    I purchased a 1988 39' Holiday Mansion Coastal Barracuda a couple of years ago and am unsure if I have the best pitched props for it. It has twin crusader 350 engines with inboards. Love the boat.

    Most of the Holiday Mansions that I come across have I/O so I haven't been able to reference properly what the propeller size should be.

    When I purchased it, the boat had major propeller damage and from what I could tell had 18x18 3 blade propellers on it. Does anyone know where I can reference what the proper size propeller for this?

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    My 1986 Coastal Barracuda has 18" diameter by 16" pitch, 3 blade props. Dual Crusader 270hp 350ci engines with 1:1 Vee Drives. I am thinking about knocking 1/4" of pitch off of the props because I have plenty of WOT, around 4,700 rpms to be exact. If I knock 1/4" - 1/2" off the pitch I might be able to get more top end without over revving the engines. I'd like to keep my WOT around 4,250.

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