I have decided to ditch my 2 40Lb tanks and swap for two 20's, keeping one on line and one spare.
Now for where to put them. I have a 1986 DC model and was wondering where and how to route my LPG line into the boat. My latest thoughts are to put the LPG tank on the Fly Bridge and route the gas line down through the existing hole along with my steering cables. This would get the line into the boat and down into the engine compartment and up into the forward head. From here I can go through the bulkhead and make my connection to the stove from possibly the cabin under the stove.

This takes care of my stove. Now for item No. 2. Can I get a "Y" or "T" connector and put it in the forward head so I can connect to both the stove and instant-on hot water heater? Or, do I have to run 2 separate lines from the Fly Bridge? I haven't checked yet so I am not sure if either or both of these items requires a regulator or not. If both do or both dont I have no problem and I'm back to original question about "Y" or "T". If one does and one dont require a regulator, then I have no choice but to go with 2 separate lines.

Although this is a 'pointy fron't houseboat, these questions are somewhat generic.

Thanks in advance.