As the season is upon us. I am now almost ready to launch.
I had both engines removed and rebuilt-Craned them right out back door after bare blocking them. Found 3 bent rods, one valve pretty decent hole in it (0) compression reason there. 3 pistons were bad, cracked off at edges.
So the work began.
Both engines rebuilt (350 Crusdaers), specs say 270 hp., but I'll be closer to 300 now, which means, I'll be close to 600 hp.
Transmissions were removed and gone thru, nothing major there.
Carbs. rebuilt.
Everything in engines replaced; starters, fuel pumps, alternators, water pumps, etc.
Engine bay cleaned and painted. (While engines were out).
All sea cocks replaced
Removed front air conditioner, (roof top)-had a persistent leak that was driving me nuts to find.-Found some rotten wet wood-removed. Then what to do?? Decided to get rid of it and install Central heat and air and put in skylight-(rooftop hatch). It is giving me a lot more room or flybridge-(still working on completion, but close looking great! I bought a Webasco 16K reverse heat and cool-all the ducts were already in boat. (Another thru-hull and electric runs) So 16K plus my other 13.5K rooftop on rear deck, should give me plenty of ac. as needed.
Still some peddly stuff to do, but looking to launch in next couple weeks-Getting antsy and can't wait to hear those engines!