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I have a Xantrex Inverter with multistage charger and it allows for several types of batteries, including AGMs. My biggest complaint is that it does not have an instant voltage meter. It has an auto cutoff feature that shuts down the inverter at X amount of charge. Can't remember off the top of my head, but several people told me that it's set properly. Maybe I'll ask my battery guy about the golf cart batteries this time. I can say that when out on the water, I might not have charged them fully when the inverter shut down. I typically did, but I would shut the generator back off once it went from BULK charge, to medium (can't remember what it's called) charge, and then finally FLOAT charge (it's full). I'd shut it down at the medium charge point b/c it can take a while for the batteries to go from ~90% to 100%.

When I bought these 8 - AGMs in 2012, I spent $1K and had custom 4 gauge connectors built. That would put me at $125 a battery. What could I expect to spend for the golf cart batteries? What voltage should I look into?

I bought 8 - 6 volt batteries from Sam's. I believe they ran about $85. I wired them in parallel and series. You basically make a 12 volt battery with a pair of 6 volts and then you tie all the pairs together. You have to buy an even number. Endurance has great info in the post above.

With my 8 bank of batteries I was able to run 2 mini refrigerators and 2 industrial fans for about 3 full days.