I did a search on AC circuit breakers here on the forum and also looked on the www but couldn't find what I was looking for, so here's my question. I am looking for the correct setup for my AC main/breaker panel and want to know what specific model/brand I should look at. I have found some stuff but it seems to be leaning towards the DC side of the fence. I get the drift that a residential breaker box is not the correct way to go. That is what is installed in my Kingscraft Houseboat (from the factory I think). Is a residential setup legal? If it is kosher I would not mind going back with residential, but if I am going to the expense and trouble of putting in a new system I want to do it right.

I believe what I want is a dual 50 Amp main with at least 6 circuits per side. I would like to have the DC side of the system in the same box (if this is legal). I just don't know what is out there, what is legal, and what is the best investment. I don't want to spend any more than I have to (have you ever heard anybody say, "Yea, I want to put more into this system than I need to, money is nothing! I haven't), but I want to have a safe, lasting, low maintenance electrical system.

I would appreciate any comments (AC or DC) with specific recommendations.