Tennessee has tightened up on the electrical codes for marinas. 2k per slip and that only got power back to the slips. I now need to rewire my boat. I wonder if many older marinas will just shut off their power as ours was relativity easy. I know our neighbor has a "book" of changes he has to do!
Two children in East Tennessee were drown due to a faulty wiring job. All marinas in Tennessee (not sure about other TVA lakes in other states) now face getting up to code or closure by TVA. Read "Noah Dean and Nate Act"
We (the owners of our marina) have had another power pole installed, a new breaker, new circuit breakers, new meters, new wiring and (because of age, 1980's) new conduct.
Also mandatory signage.
One thing I took from the article is if you ever feel electrical shock to swim AWAY from the dock. The exact opposite of what you want to do when in trouble.

Actually I am OK with BOAT in this case (break out another thousand ..or two) I feel better about kids being around our dock. The new breakers only take a few milliamps to reset.