Looking to replace our ele. range to full size gas range. I understand some of the particulars involved, tanks, regulator, line, vent, shut off, alarm/detector. Will have the system installed by HVAC/Plum local shop, in an area familiar with a major HB population.

Would like tips suggestion things in general to consider b4 hand. I understand the supply line cannot have connector's in the hull, is hose doable or a no no. I will contact my HB insurance agent for particulars also.
With a micro wave over the unit, I assume this is doable, thinking this is where the vent will placed through the outside wall
been a lot of years since i owned a gas range, is there still a need for the pilot light to remain on 24/7, not sure where the tech advances are now on gas ranges.... any suggestion on such features thanks.... Kinda all over the place here but just beginning to put it together