I have 2 Raritan Crown heads on my boat that havenít functioned quite right since I bought it nearly 2 seasons ago. I know these have impellers in them to suction the water out of the lake and into the heads and I know impellers have a life expectancy. I went through all the fittings over the weekend to check for air leaks. I checked for blockages and then tightened everything down again, but Iím still losing prime. After lots of test flushing Iíve determined my air leak is coming from inside the toilet itself. I fear the impeller has stiffened or shrunk due to nonuse over the winter. My neighbor had the same thing happen to his marine head in his cruiser and is suggesting I buy an impeller replacement kit. My boat is 6 years old now, so I suppose itís time.

Other reasons I believe itís worn out are we keep getting sewer odor inside the boat. I believe the holding tank is venting past the impeller and into the toilet itself. Also, the toilets vibrate pretty darn good when itís flushing, which indicates something is off balance.

Have any of you done this type of repair?