I am looking into gettng both my engines rebuilt this coming off season. Yeah, I know the boat isn't even in the water for this season yet.

I haven't done much troubleshooting on this issue yet, however it seems like my Tach is either going bad or there is a short in the wire somewhere. I have noticed after a rain my starboard tach doesn't read correctly. After a few days without rain, it goes back to normal.

So, in my process of having the engines rebuilt, I am looking at other items I can cleanup while doing the work. I would like to replace all my gauges as well as all the wiring for these gauges. So now to the questions.

1. Does anyone have an electrical schematic for a Chrysler 318?
2. Is there anywhere that I would be able to purchase a wiring harness for a 318?
3. Would it be worth my while to try and build my own harness?
- I had a thought of having a bus bar, for lack of a better term, terminating the connections on the engine. From there I would have wire to another bus bar at my helm. I would then tie the gauges in at that location. Does this work? It would technically be cleaner with a harness, but I think it would give me a bit more flexibility.

Give your thoughts and opinions.