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Thread: anchor rope question

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    anchor rope question

    I anchored out from Friday through Monday evening this last weekend in somewhat heavy winds. I was very surprised my anchor held the entire time without dragging. I bought a good strong ¾” rope a couple of years ago that has a metal loop where the anchor chain ties into the rope. When I pulled up the anchor, I noticed the metal loop bent pretty badly and wouldn’t hold the rope end in the loop any longer. When I loaded the anchor aboard, the metal loop holder actually fell off and into the water. The rope itself still has the spliced loop intact and unharmed. Can I continue to use the anchor rope without the metal loop holder or will this cause the rope to get eaten up by the chain and I’ll lose my anchor next time out? Can I just buy another one of those loop retainers?

    See attached photo for an illustration of the loop I'm referring to.
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