Okay, I have MMC controls. They are not synced. Meaning, when I run both motors at say 3000 rpm, the starboard control is pushed about an inch or so farther than the port. This has never been a problem. However, my starboard control now has a lag in it. So, when I'm docking and I put the starboard motor in forward and try to ease into the throttle, it doesn't do anything....then all of a sudden it does but it is like gunning it. Makes it very difficult to control in tight situations.

The marina guy thinks it could be a setting and says he can test it. (granted he would have to actually come down and test it. I have had my patience tested with the repair service lately)

Anyway, has anybody else dealt with this? Do you think it's the computer settings or do you think it's the contacts inside the actual control at the helm?

I really need to get this corrected. Our marina is very windy and our slips aren't much wider than our boats. Cranks up the stress when docking, that is for sure.