Iím concerned about E-15 given the Ďgo aheadí for general sale. I realize itíll likely be a while before I see it at any of the pumps here in middle TN, but Iím sure itíll be here eventually. It took E-10 a while to take the market and now pure gas is getting hard to find. Thereís 2 pumps that I know of and thankfully both are close to my lake. Of course, all the marina pumps on our lake are pure gas, but Iíve been told by our marinaís owner that heís down to only 1 supplier for pure gas, whereas he use to have 3. Iíve watched several videos on youtube about the ill-effects of ethanol on our boats and am terribly worried about the long term supply of gas and damage impact this will have on all 3 of my houseboat engines, the runaboutís engine, and jet skiís engine. In the future, starting the motors in spring will be a hair raising white knuckle event for sure or just a PITA additional list of To-Do items to drain the water off the 6 month old fuel.

The govt isn't mandating the use of E-15, but they sure have their foot in the door. I predict that E-10 will be replaced by the new standard of E-15 within 10 years and pure gas will be outlawed along with all 2 stroke engines.