The wife took last week off and this week, so we've been staying on our boat every night and I've been going in to work. I have Wed - Friday off, so I'll have 5 full days to spend at the lake enjoying the boat!

Wednesday, will will disembark around 10AM to go anchor down my Percy Priest Damn. Nashville Shores Waterpark has an annual fireworks show on the water and it's always a big event for the boaters. We'll have 10 people total on our boat. We'll spend the day swimming, jumping on the water trampoline, cooking, eating, and sippin' a few cold ones. Fireworks show starts around 9PM. I haven't determined if I'm going to spend the night down there and avoid all the returning traffic or if I'll spend the night on anchor.

One thing's for sure, I need to burn through some of my gas over the weekend. Due to weather this year, we've only been out a few times and I haven't added the 1st gallon to my tanks yet! I'm still 3/4 full on starboard and 1/2 full on port. My boat is very easy on the gas!

I wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!