We've learned the hard way that the Volvo motors need to go to a Volvo mechanic. I figured since all the blocks are the same that any Merc mechanic could work on the Volvo and vice versa – wrong! Problem is, the Regal dealer is over an hour away from our house. During this whole ordeal, I’ve found a Volvo mechanic at the Cobalt / Chaparral dealer downtown, which is closer thank the Regal guy in Hendersonville. If my current mechanic can’t figure something out quickly, then I’m yanking it and taking it to the Vovlo guy.

So, the Volvo brand impeller improved the condition, but the mechanic says it’s now blowing water out the back of the sea pump. He says the seals are shot in the back of it. He believes it was pulling air in from the back as well as the non-Volvo brand impellers (Sierra and Johnson Pump) ventilating within the sea pump housing. He ordering a new sea pump housing b/c the seals are not a maintenance item, but part of the entire assembly. The part alone is $400 and should be installed by Thursday and sea trialed once again. If this isn’t the fix, I’m going to the Volvo mechanic.

This is driving me nuts. My wife is pi$$ed that we’ve been without the runabout for a month now and we just keep throwing more money at it. I reminded her this is why I wanted to buy a new / er boat instead of a 9 year old boat. Oh well. Buying used, I saved around $20K, so I guess it’s worth it.