I have a 1990 Catamaran Cruser 34' Houseboat. NADA says suggest list is $32,000. Average retail is $14,000. I have gutted this boat. There is not much that was original. New cabinets, net toilet, new bed, new table to match kitchen counter. New fold out sofa bed. New water heater, new solar panels (3), new raw water purification system with uv sterilizer, new 2000W inverter, new batteries (3), new stereo, new VHF, new gauges. Wood on front and rear deck replaced and new carpet over the whole boat. New electrical control panel. New 27" TV with HD antenna. Exterior completely repainted and restriped. Pulled last year and any blisters were ground and filled with Ptex, it was then barrier coated and bottom coated. I also re-powered with a Mercury 90 4stroke from the original Evinrude 88 2stroke.

Yes, you get the idea. My company has surprised me and I intended to keep this one for a while, but it doesn't make financial sense to move a 10' beam houseboat for a lot of reasons. I hate to, but we have to sell this labor of love.

How the heck do I price this much improvement? I know I probably can't get all of these improvements out of it, but $14,000 seems too low. Advice?