I just purchased a 1989 Holiday Mansion 370 Super Barracuda and am hoping someone can tell me where the bathtub pump was located from the factory and if the tub drain hose and the head floor drain hose are ‘T’d’ going to the pump inlet.

Here is the background…

The tub will not drain using the pump and I suspect the pump was moved to a more convenient location for servicing but not to a location conducive to within the pumps capabilities.

I have confirmed all lines are clear, replaced defective hoses, and cleaned the input filter.

The tub drain hose goes forward under the tub to the forward compartment where it ‘T’s’ with the hose from the floor drain in the head. One line then goes to a filter and from there a hose to the pump inlet.

The pump sits 6-12” higher than both drains, which would require it draw a head that may be out of the pumps functionality. The pump looks to have been moved.

In addition, logic indicates the floor drain in the head must be plugged for the pump to drain the tub, especially with these light-weight self-priming piston pumps.

Can someone with a similar Holiday Mansion check if the floor drain and the tub drain bath go to the pump and where their bathtub pump is mounted?

Pictures and the make and model pump would also be helpful; the manual indicates the pump is under the tub but I took the wall off behind the head and did not find any past mountings for a pump.