Where we HB the Honda 2000 is an added plus that more an more use to supplement there existing systems, inverters an big gens. They are highly dependable a typical wk end use less than 6 gallons

The small 5k btu ac window units now draw less than 5 amps as thus allowing us to run these units, all the while running a full size frigs, fans, TV's / box's etc. and putting a minimum back in the invert batts with out the big gen needed

Now I understand its a not a plug an play deal to use the ac because of the mount issue but there are ways to do it, enjoy the comfort an not do a hard mount I can attest.

I understand some would rather run your central air for a gallon an hour with the big gen, recharge your invert batts and not contend with the above this isn't for you.

key word is OPTION,