I've had my boat for nearly 2 years at the same marina. All this time, they've had a series of funky issues that for one reason or another we've never received a legit electric bill. Over this time, I've probably only received 3 or 4 bills which varried from $6 to $20. There were many many months where they never even billed me! This not only affects me, but most of the slip renters on my entire dock. Finally, the marina has wised up to the issue and is trying to fix it. They've hired some knuckle dragger that knows a thing or 2 about electric work and he's supposedly fixing things. He worked on my power pole 2 times to no avail. The 3rd time, he gutted the tower and replaced all the innerds with new stuff. From that moment, my meter started running. 2 weeks later, 2 WEEKS, I got a $90 electric bill for only 2 WEEKS! I'm not a live-a-board and leave my A/C on 85 degrees when not there. Only other things running are my float charger for my inverter battery bank and my full size Kenmore fridge. I think this is crazy. I told them I'm not paying it b/c this repair guys clearly doesn't know how to fix this meter. Additionally, my neighbor on the same pole as I am had a monthly bill for only $3!

What's your typical electric bill run each month for your boat and how often are you on it at that rate?