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Thread: How much does your electric run?

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    Sometimes I wish we have meters. Our electric is included in our crazy high slip fees. The good news, is my boat is always a cool 70 degrees when I get there.

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    what many don't understand is the majority of marina's buy there power from the local power company at a "commercial rate", the more they use the more they are charged for there electricity . Do you have a clue where all they us there electricity, every thing the marina owns from rentals units HB's, cabins, dock stores, restaurant,, camp grounds, all these are power drains, at some point it is then sent out to the dock pedestal where your billed at a kw rate based on what the marina total use is, (rate is the key word) thus the more business they do the more it cost you .... the more that dock has to buy from the power company the higher your you take your boat out every wk end, those days your not using any power but the marina is, so while your dock buddies are staying on the dock with hot tubes ac going ..... we that are out are paying more for our electricity Now if you get an ele bill from the power company none of this applies,

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