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Thread: Engine overheat...

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    Engine overheat...

    Well since the "what did you do to your houseboat today" thread got closed I guess I'll post it here. FINALLY got the auld bardge running again.

    History: maybe 3 weeks ago the engine overheated. We were anchored in a blow with the engine idling (just in case) and then on the way home we smelled burned rubber. The water pump impeller had gone south (maybe a bag or something sucked up against the intake while we were anchored, dunno). Fortunately we caught it before any major damage, but the rubber exhaust hose and fiberglass muffler were in bad shape from running "dry". For some reason the overheat alarm didn't go off.

    I finally got everything back together today, new exhaust hose, muffler, impeller, and some welding to the manifold/hose adapter. Also a brand new water-flow alarm, so NEXT time there's a "water shortage" I'll know about it in time to prevent any damage!

    Here's the site to the water flow alarm... If I'd had it then it would have paid for itself in seconds...
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    She's a tired old barge but she's paid for!

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