My boat was built in ’05 as an ’06 model, so a lot of the TV equipment on it is not exactly cutting edge stuff. It came with a Shakespeare brand disk-looking TV antenna that’s mounted up on the side of the arch. When we’re docked, I use our satellite system that’s attached to the dock itself, but we must use the antenna when away from the dock. Even since we bought it though, the TV signal from the antenna has been pretty poor and very finicky. So, I finally got around to troubleshooting the reception issue this last weekend.

I figured the antenna needed to be elevated more above the arch b/c it really just sits flush with the top. I unbolted it and readied my makeshift pole extension that was comprised of a broom handle and duct tape. I also needed to extend the cable wire to its new height, so I dug through the boat to find another cable wire. While searching, I found a simple digital TV antenna I bought 2 years ago before we got the satellite. I hooked it up to the cable lead-in instead of the Shakespeare and threw it on top of my party top bimini b/c I ran out of Duct Tape. From the get-go, I got 26 crystal clear channels that never faded out! Best I ever got with that Shakespeare was ~10 and the slightest breeze would cause the picture to break up regularly.

My question to you guys is: is there something wrong with the Shakespeare antenna disk or should I just pitch it and permanently mount this other antenna somehow on my arch?