Well, the last 2 weekend we were busy with random obligations so it wasn't feasible to take the HB out of the slip. Instead, we took the runabout out and motored around the lake for a while. We threw the anchor out and let the kids go swimming for bit. When I got in, the water was already cold, but you got used to it after a little bit. The next 2 weekends, were going on a cruise to Bermuda, so we wont be back at the HB until the middle of Oct. Im sure the water will be too cold at that point, as the temp is regularily getting down to the 50s now at night. So, its with a very heavy heart that I must start thinking about when I will be winterizing the generator. Where the heck did all the time go?! Luckily, our boat stays in the water year-round, so we'll continue to visit it during the winter.

What's your plans for your boat over the winter?