Hi folks. I haven't been on here in a while. Still trying to get ready to take-off.

Has anyone here had any practical experience with Wi Fi antennas range extenders?
I have been using my Verizon Mobile Hotspot and the cost is killing me. The only time I ever used a 'foreign' source for internet has been at motels and in McDonalds. LaQuinta motel has a password and McDonalds doesn't. So my questions are:
1). How practical are these antennas and boosters? When in a civilized areas along river banks, is it relatively easy to get on Wi-Fi with these. I will be travelling the ICW from Texas to Alabama and then going inland to Ky.
2). I plan on spending up to about $300, will this be in the ball park?
3). What kind of places do you typically get your Wi Fi from when using your antenna/booster?
Thanks in advance