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Thread: Careless captain sinks boat

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    Careless captain sinks boat

    Percy Priest has a bad reputation when it comes to lower unit damage, especially in the winter when the lake is down. This poor soul is the latest victim claimed my the lake over the weekend. The captain was headed upriver and decided to take a shortcut instead of following the channel. I use this same shortcut during the summer when the lake is up and my depth sounder has read as little as 8 feet. This guy had 11 people aboard when he ran aground and knocked the shaft towers through the bottom. Needless to say, it took on water fast! TowBoat US, who's docked and lives on my dock, was there in no time. He shoved the bow up onto the bank before the entire boat sank, however the entire rear went under. The water reportedly got up to the matress inside the cabin. I'm guessing it's a total loss being it's a 1978 model Gibson.

    They had 4 large water pumps sucking water from the bilge in order to keep it afloat until they got it up on the trailer. You can see the holes in 1 of the pictures.
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