Figured out my fuel problem--

I pulled off the air cleaner... sorry, the flame arrestor... -- Then I got into a staring match with the carb. It was easier than tearing it apart, and really, I didn't WANT to tear it apart. The carb won the staring match, but when I blinked, I spied it-- there it was, a plug, right next to the fuel line. It came out easy, almost too easy. And under the plug, a tiny little handle, which turned out to be attached to a small sediment filter. As I slowly pulled out the sediment filter, I also pulled out the sediment the sediment filter filtered. Not a whole lot, but way more than none. I got my trusty gas catch can, and held it under the opening while running the pump. A little more crud, followed by fresh, clean gas. I re-installed the sediment filter and the plug, fired 'er up, and smilled bigly the whole 45 minutes the genny ran, smooth as glass, without faltering.

Then I put the engine hatch down, then proceeded to trip over the basket of screens I hadn't moved yet, and about yanked my left arm out of the socket while trying not to bash my head on the steel railings and/or engine room doors.

For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction... fix the generator, screw up my arm... sigh...