We looked out at the near-calm out our front window, took note of the NE 5-10 forecast and headed across the Albemarle Sound for a delightful lunch at Mackey's Marina. Halfway there, the ride got bouncy with 2.5' seas. No worries. Docked without incident in lovely Mackeys Creek as if we knew what we were doing, chatted with some fun locals, and aimed northbound by mid afternoon. Oh, my. The waves were now white capped, and we rolled alarmingly from side to side, as waves broke over the bow, and poured into the two forward hatches, filling them. The little bilge pumps did their best, but no match for the onslaught. Good news: Boat floats adequately and is easily-enough controlled in that condition, though its nose-down appearance must have looked funny. Got to rethink those forwardmost hatches. Suggestions welcome.