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Thread: Very Unhappy with Gibson Boats parts and support

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    Very Unhappy with Gibson Boats parts and support

    As the owner of a Gibson (used) and a potential purchaser of a new boat from Gibson in the next couple of months I need to express some extreme dissatisfaction and disappointment with Gibson's parts department.

    I've called Bill at Gibson parts several times over the past month to order parts.. Despite being promised emails and follow up.. I am not getting anywhere.. I can't even get a quote or price on some items. No emails, no call backs. nothing. This despite many calls and emails.

    Is Gibson going out of business? Seems like it.. if not may I suggest that they get their act together and start providing some support for their product. Their lack of response really gives a negative meaning to the term, "made in America."

    Signed a VERY ticked off Gibson owner.
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