We bought a jet ski to serve as our houseboatís dingy last year. After ĺ of the boating season, weíve found it worked better in theory than in reality. Older parents / folks donít want to ride the jet ski and we canít ride it at night. So, weíve been looking into a good used runabout to fill this void now. What type of boat do you guys use to fulfill this service?

My concerns about getting a runabout are:
1) Must have wife drive the runabout out to the houseboat once Iím anchored, so she wonít be able to sail out to anchor with me.
2) Wonít have wife to throw the bow lines at the dock when weíre returning. Could teach my 5 year old to do it, but thatís a whole different problem.
3) Iím already paying ~$6K a year for slip fees on the houseboat, so I will store the runabout at the house in my garage. Iíll have to haul it to / from the lake each weekend, which isn't really that bad b/c our boat is only 15 minutes from the house.
a. Iím asking Sailabration about mounting a 16í runabout on the back of my houseboat, so I could potentially leave it mounted on the back all boating season. Not sure what that would cost, if it could even be done.
4) Between cars, boats, and lawn equipment, I will have 11 different engines I must maintain!

I was thinking of buying a rigid inflatable, but those canít really be used comfortably as a ski / tubing boat.