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Thread: single engine vs twin engine??/v drive vs outdrive

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    Aug 2012

    single engine vs twin engine??/v drive vs outdrive

    We have two houseboats in mind, one with a single engine 350 with outdrive, other is twin engine 305 with v drive. Any opinions or info on pros and cons of either would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Senior Member Dan's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    I've never had a single engine HB. But, I will tell you that I can spin my 50' houseboat with twin V-Drives almost like spinning a skid steer on dry land. I also had a 30' SeaRay with twin I/O's. After owning two boats with twins, a single engine HB would not be a consideration for me. So there's my 2 pennies worth.
    1986 Gibson 50'
    Twin 454 Crusaders
    Monroe Reservoir, Bloomington, IN

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    Jul 2012
    South Florida
    If I had any boat over 30 feet it would have to have two screws..

    My preference would be Diesel Inboard with V-Drive..

    V-drives always win over outdrives... anyday!

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    Super Moderator OLD HOUSEBOATER's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Gulf Shores Alabama
    This has been discussed many times. If it's not a money thing twins win hands down. A single outdrive houseboat is a wandering bear to at low speeds. Sorta like pushing a chain. However when you learn to handle them you are an above average boater.

    Twin vee drives are minimal maintenance because the machinery is inside the boat. Handling is as good as it gets and performance is much better.

    In 60+ years of boating I never met a man with twins that went back to a single.
    The fries are cold so we gave you extra.

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    Senior Member Stmbtwle's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Ruskin, Florida
    Ditto OHB...

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    Senior Member 42gibson's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    i have a 44 gibson now with twins and love it. my brother has a 50ft cloud nine with a single volvo outdrive. he calls it the wonderer, need i say more?

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    Jul 2012
    Wheeling, WV
    I had a 32 foot single I/o last season. It was tough to get a handle on when driving. If you didn't really try you would snake across the river. I have since purchased a 40 foot twin engine with v-drives. It makes such a difference in steering. Also dock maneuvering is much easier as well. I am still getting the hang of that though.

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    My first two boats were singles. First 42 ft pontoon and 2nd was a 46 ft aluminum hull. My current boat has twin 5.0 liters and I wouldn't go back to a single. I could control it fine but not as well as twins. In addition, the twin motors gives me peace of mind that if something happens, I still have power to get back to my slip. I had the motor quit on me with my 46fter and had to get towed back. The motor also died on me trying to dock once. Tagged it pretty good. No damage but at least if one motor were to die on me now, I still have power.

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    Got a 60' aluminum single inboard. Man that thing is a pig to drive. If you got a tight berth you would have to have a thruster. That being said I am good with it. I use it to push me out 10 miles at most and though it does like to track a little like a snake I have adapted and don't notice. Would I take it on a long trip .. Nope!

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    Oct 1996
    Aliceville Al
    Twins with V-drives are far superior to anything else. I remember a 50 Gibson that was ordered with IOS and it handled like a bear. They were to close together. Twins with v drives handle like a dream

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