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Thread: Make it sop!!! Houseboat wanders at anchor like a drunken sailor

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    Make it Stop!!! Houseboat wanders at anchor like a drunken sailor

    Ok all..

    After months or repair and refit we've taken our new Gibson 50' out for the weekend. We decided to go the 40 miles north up to Peck Lake up by the St. Lucie inlet. This is a great spot on the ICW, well protected and we can hear the ocean over the dunes.. Only a half dozen or so boats here... It is a quiet dawn, I am watching a pod of 3-4 dolphins a few football fields away patrol the area... AWESOME

    Now here is my problem...

    This is the first time we've anchored this houseboat and we've discovered that this boat wanders at anchor. Like a flag in the wind this boat will swing 90 degrees on the hook. We came from a large sailboat and never had this issue because we had a deep, full keel that provided lots of resistance in the water.. But this boat draws just 2.5 feet and has no real resistance.

    My ground tackle consists of a brand new Good Automatic Windlass, 200' of rode with 10' chain and a 35 pound Delta anchor.

    The anchor is holding just fine but how the heck can I keep this from swinging so much? What does everyone else do

    I thought about getting a smaller mushroom anchor to drop off the stern to give us some extra resistance on the back,


    Pics are of the M/V Ditch Rider sitting at anchor at Peck Lake
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