We went to the UT game over the weekend and dropped by to see a couple of newer boats by our boat's manufacturer on Norris Lake for the heck of it. The lake is man made and is nested in a rather very hilly / mountainous area. When we walked out onto the dock, the 1st thing I noticed was the clear water. You can see down ~10'! Walking by all the boats that were docked there was eerie b/c all the boats looked like they were floating in thin air! I really wish Percy Priest looked like that. Sitting at the dock, the depth sounder registered 180'! I told them my boat typically sits in 14' at the dock. LOL.

We viewed 2 boats that Sailabration built within the last ~2 years and I gotta say, I'm very jealous. Their ships were top notch. Even though my boat is an '06, the mechanical setup on his new boats put my boat to SHAME! I left asking my wife if we could buy a new one.......I'm still working on it.

I was surprised to learn that both Sharpe and Horizon closed their doors within the last year. Some of my friends own those type boats and they're very nice as well. Houseboat mfgs are still hurting.