Well, if anybody is still reading, the KC we looked at Thursday was not a good value. There were many pluses but they were outweighed by the minuses. It is interesting how many people will give you a description and pictures but reality doesn't match reality.

We had started to reconsider the 44'ers and found a whale of a del on one but then we talked to a guy (whose opinion we value) and he said the early (70, 71, & 72) 44' KC's tend to be bow heavy. I had never heard this, but this was a former owner and hardcore boating type. We are in pursuit of two different 55's right now and I may know something for sure by Mon. evening.

If you have replaced your plastic window tracks on your KC (past or present) with the three track aluminum Marinette tracks, please post here and tell us your experience. I am thinking I will be looking at this project on either of the two boats we are looking at now.

We have really had to expand our geographic horizon to continue to pursue our boat. I never dreamed we would be this involved and persistant in finding a boat.

By the way, we went to look at a 18' deep V inboard w/sterndrive Starcraft runabout today. It needs work but we made an offer (which they are considering), and we hope to be able to get it as a "yacht" tender/taxi/playtoy/dog-business boat. It's a 1975 aluminum boat, I hope this is a good choice.

Well, all for now,