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I know the water is coming in from the cracked, broken, and (recently found) missing section of window track. I am exploring other options right now but am going to have to do something quick. It looks like new tracks from Marinette. I have heard good things about them from A Boat Reborn I was just trying to find a less expensive route.

Thanks for the info on the manifolds.
You can purchase replacement plastic tracks for the windows. I know a couple people who did that route. My only issue with that route is you are going to do the work again when those crack and break. Even though you might spend more money on the metal tracks, you wont have to touch them again.

The manifolds took me longer than expected just due to unforseen issues and my clumsiness. As I mentioned I was told to not by new backplates as we could reuse the ones that were on there. Being they were tight to the wall of the engine bay I couldn't see they were cracked or rusted out. Spend the money and buy the new backplates. If your manifolds are in terrible shape then your backplates are just as bad. The clumsiness I speak of is how I kept throwing parts into the river that we needed. That set us back a weekend. Total work time was about 12 hours for both engines.