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Thread: and the day started out so good

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    and the day started out so good

    it was ealry saturday 10/6. we got a call from a man wanting to buy our old gibson. we went up river 8 miles to bring it down to take it out and winterize it for him before he came down with the money. it was absolutley beautiful out, the river was calm, the trees were changing color.
    we made it down to the only lock on the muskingum we had to go through. they had the doors open for me and we slid right it. we chatted with the lock master while he lowered us to lower pool level.he opened the door and we slid out at a idle. we stayed between the channel markers and into the river. then....... crunch and we stopped. we hit something submerged at a idle and it killed the starboard engine. i restarted it and put it in geer....nothing.... i raised the engine hatch to find a foot of water and rising.the bilge pump was running at full throttle. i looked again and my starboard prop shaft was gone and water was pouring in. i told my wife " this is not a drill were sinking".i grabbed some rags and plugged the hole. the water was lowering . i thought we were ok since we still had 5 miles to go....but ohhhhhh no. the rudder had also hit and put a 4 inch crack in the hull where water was also pouring into. well i couldnt plug that hole but the bilge pump was now keeping up.
    i made a frantic call to the man that pulls us out every year and found him at home. he thought i was kidding when i told him i was sinking. after several minutes i convinced him i wasnt kidding he said to go slow and he would meet me at the ramp. with the rudder bent back it was very difficult to steer at best but we made it to the ramp. the wind was blowing up river at 15 mph and we had one motor and part of a rudder but some how we got it loaded. we have a growling in the tranny on the port side,the starboard prop and shaft gone,the starboard rudder bent and a crack in the hull on the starboard side. now i have to find someone to fix it. ....but.....we didnt sink. it was a good day,by the wife will never go up river
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