Thinking towards next year, want to change out the RV roof AC unit for a marine AC unit. I'd like the floor space up top the Coleman is eating up, and it's a bit noisy too. I've been searching online, and I could use some advice/recommendations..

The Coleman roof AC keeps the place quite nice, even on 100+ degree days, as long as we keep the bedroom and basement door shut. We have a small window AC unit in the bedroom that works great, no need to change it. Just guessing, but the dims of what I'll actually be cooling is 12' wide and about 20' long plus a couple of feet of hallway, 7' high, so roughly 1700 cubic feet.

Not sure the BTU of the Coleman, but around 12,000 I think. It's the "standard" unit that's been around since the 80's (and has been on top of every RV I've ever owned!). I'll be using 110v power.

Found a few brands-- Dometic, Webasto, Mermaid, Arctic, but so far I'm liking Marineaire... I'm thinking 12k BTU's is a bit lean, but I don't think I need 16k, and Marineaire has a 14k unit (with heat pump) and at $1500 the price seems reasonable (compared to Dometic, f'rinstance)...

BUT, I'd like some input from those with a little more experience than me!

Also, FWIW, install will be cake, I have oodles of room for the unit and air plumbing, power available, and 2 capped thru-hulls under the boat just itching to be used...

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!