• Houseboating: A Sabbatical For the Soul

    February 23, 2006
    There's a notion now in widespread bloom that may not seem so new to us houseboaters: "getting away from it all" isn't just about a vacation. It's a s
  • Have Zebra Mussels Found Their Match?

    February 21, 2006
    As Zebra Mussels continue to infest Midwest waters- proving themselves to be a multi-million dollar menace to American recreational industries - Lumin
  • Floodgates Open For Nautical Gift-Giving

    February 19, 2006
    Maritime and nautical gifts are just one niche area in the vast market that caters to houseboat enthusiasts throughout the world. In response, one of
  • Buy The Book: Houseboating Homicide...

    February 17, 2006
    New Mystery Novel is Not a Garden Variety Detective Story... Multiple murders by multiple killers in a single baffling case, to be solved by a has
  • Down Under, It's a Breeze

    February 15, 2006
    RIVERBREEZ houseboat, based at Mannum, is the latest Murraylands accommodation (Murray River system in Australia) to be awarded AAA Tourism's elusive
  • Houseboat Winter - Signs of Life

    February 07, 2006
    By Ted and Roxanne Thompson
    The other weekend, my wife, Roxanne, and I were aboard the Phoenix, our reconditioned 1975 40-foot Seamaster houseboat. We fixed ourselves a fine, hea
  • Show Business

    February 05, 2006
    By this time of year, one of two things have happened in the houseboat industry. Either Houseboat Magazine's National Houseboat Expo is underway, or w
  • 'Nombre Del Bote'

    February 03, 2006
    BoatU.S., the nation's largest recreational boat owners association, has announced its "2005 Top Ten List of Most Popular Boat Names" as selected by b
  • Fishing Out The Storm

    February 02, 2006
    Zebco has created an industry-wide program called Operation F.I.S.H. (Fishermen In Support of Hurricane relief) for the specific purpose of helping re