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October 2006 News

Satellite phones have proven to be invaluable tools for boaters of all persuasions, especially those who find themselves out of cell phone range. But some of you may be reluctant to purchase one due to some misconception about what such phones can and can't do. America's number 1 Satellite Phone Rental Company, All Road Communications of San Diego, California, wants to set the record straight about some pervasive satellite phone myths:

1 - Satellite phone do not work indoors
With the purchase of an inexpensive fixed mast antenna, for around $300 or less, and a few feet of cable you certainly can use a sat phone indoors.

2 - Satellite phone calls always cost more than cell phone calls
This is absolutely untrue. Satellite phone minutes can run you well below $2 a minute on a satellite phone rental from All Road Communications, and even well below $1 if you buy a satellite phone.

3 - Satellite phones are just for the rich
You can buy a brand new Globalstar Qualcomm GSP-1600 from
All Road for under $750. There are numerous cell phones that cost more than that.

4 - Satellite phones do not provide Internet access
Wrong again, for example with an Iridium 9505A or Globalstar GSP-1600 satellite phone you can indeed connect to the Internet, using a data kit. Speeds are not lightening fast, but good enough for email and basic web surfing.

5 - Satellite phones cannot be used inside a car
Car kits and mag-mount antennas are available for both Iridium and Globalstar satellite phones.

6 - Satellite phones cannot help give your location
The Globastar Qualcomm GSP 1600 can give your basic co-ordinates when you are on any connected call over the Globalstar network.

7 - Satellite phones do not work in bad weather
Another myth, they will work, maybe not as flawlessly as in good weather but many a storm stranded yachtsmen will speak to this truth, as will anyone who has used one in the middle of a hurricane.

9 - Satellite phones do not work when the power is down
Satellite phones are totally independant of the power grid.

10 - Satellite phones do not work when cell phone towers are down
Satellite phones do not use cell phone towers. When the cell towers are down a sat phone is often the only way to make a phone call.

All Road Communications rents and sells satellite phones for the Globalstar and Iridium satellite phone networks from as low as $19.49 per week. All Road also rents and sells Nera high speed mobile satellite Internet terminals utilizing Inmarsat service, from $119 per week and $6.99 per MB. All Road is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be reached online at or by phone at 888-884-7623 or by direct dial at
USA 619-596-4574.

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