President Bush Heralds Volunteerism

February 2007 News
Last week, at an event celebrating the 5th anniversary of the USA Freedom Corps, President George W. Bush  praised the work that all volunteers do across the country. Bush challenged those who want to enrich their lives to consider volunteering, and urged them to find an opportunity that  will give them the chance to follow their heart.  For those who may be looking to answer Bush's call for volunteerism, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary wants to share what it has to offer to perspective members.  

President Bush said, "we are a nation of people who take time out of their lives on a regular basis to help a fellow citizen realize the full potential of America.  We've got a lot of people volunteering in the country, and one of my calls is for people to do more of it.  And there's plenty of opportunities to find out where you can volunteer."

How is serving in the Coast Guard Auxiliary unique?  The Auxiliary is a volunteer organization affiliated with the United States Coast Guard, and has over 27,000 members across the country including Alaska & Hawaii. Its volunteers work side by side with the active duty and reserve Coast Guard in many  mission areas, including Recreational Boater Safety, Marine Domain Awareness and Security, and Environmental Safety and Concerns.  Auxiliarists are authorized to perform any mission that the Coast Guard is involved in, with the exceptions of direct law enforcement and military operations. 

As volunteers, Coast Guard Auxiliarist play a vital role in helping to educate, communicate and administrate many of the programs aimed at helping all our shorelines remain safe and secure for all who live, work, or play around our nation's waterways.  Numerous training opportunities exist for Auxiliarists, including boat operations, aviation, vessel examinations, public education, administration and leadership, plus many others. 

To become a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, you must be an American Citizen, at least 17 years old, and be able to pass a basic background check.  If you would like to learn more about volunteering with the Coast Guard Auxiliary, call 1-877-875-6296, or visit the Coast Guard Auxiliary on the web at

President Bush said that "if you are concerned about the future of America, you can volunteer to help make that future look ever brighter."  The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary welcomes those who want to serve their country and community in promoting recreational boating safety and in supporting the many missions of the United States Coast Guard.